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The Big Bang

June 25, 2008

And then there was light …

and heat …

and time …


My point is that everything has to have a beginning. This is my blog’s beginning. I hope the bang wasn’t too loud. But I really hope that the LIGHT shines so hard that that it hurts your islets of Langerhans 🙂

Gawd, not another blog. Well, everybody else is doing it so why can’t I, as the Cranberries (nearly) asked when they boarded the gravy train. I don’t want the gravy. I don’t think it goes well with everything. Come to think of it I don’t think gravy goes well with anything really … but I digress.

I have been bitten by the logorrhoea bug. That’s bad news. For you. Now I’m challenging you to shut me up 🙂

I will be posting quite often. Think along the lines of dog –> lamp post –> aha –> cock a leg. (In my case it’s going to be more like: Me –> time on my hands –> aha –> post an entry)

That’s about as far as this bang goes. Handshakes and genial nodding over and done with. Prepare to want more.


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One Comment
  1. Johnny permalink

    Mur nehhi dawk ir-ritrattoj min hemm..!! haha

    …Kemm hu proud hoy.!! 2 ritratti TIEGHU ta, halli jkollna wiehed min kull anglu. MOWR.!!!

    Mank ghamel ta wiehed mill pets.!! 😉

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