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Post No. 31 (15 minutes)

March 21, 2010

I’ve left this post lie around a bit on purpose. I wanted to see how it reads after a few days.

Some time ago, the world was shocked *ahem* with the news that somebody somewhere was auctioning off some racy pictures of Carla Bruni (CB) when she was younger.

I googled “Carla Bruni racy pics” and a few came up. I don’t know which of them – if any – were for sale. Most of the ones I saw were tastefully done, while others, admittedly, were not as “artistic”. Calling them racy is really scraping the barrel.

A young woman with a body of pleasing proportions decided to have a few pics of her taken by a professional photographer. Some others were taken by a boyfriend perhaps … At the time the photos were taken the young lady was either a nobody, aspiring to become a model or already a model of some renown.

Long story short, the woman married the French president. A murmur of  “Shame, shame”  but little else. A couple of years later  we began reading and hearing reports that their marriage is on the rocks – or at least, if not on the rocks, on a shingle with big pebbles … then someone decides to auction a couple of “racy” pictures of the aforementioned young lady.

In a couple of months the world will forget about this incident. The idiot who will have paid a tidy sum for the pictures will be left with not much more than a couple of pics the likes of which he could have found off the internet for free …

“But that’s Carla Bruni …”

“Carla who?”

“She was the French Pr… Oh, never mind. She was somebody.”

And that’s precisely my point.

Everybody’s running over everyone else to grab their 15 minutes of fame. Then what? I mean, where will it get you?

The incident with Carla Bruni’s pictures is run of the mill – with one exception, I think. Given her reported  lifestyle, absence of such photos should have caused a ripple, not their presence. And it’s not like Sarkozy didn’t know what his wife-to-be was up to before he met her. If he didn’t his aides would have googled her and they would have informed him of her past, so there were never any surprises whichever way you look at it.

Why all this fuss? Why now?


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