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June 5, 2010

I watched Xarabank yesterday. It was about another programme called Bondiplus. The local racist was interviewed during an episode (can you call it that?) of Bondiplus. This racist fellow is a latter-day Nazi too. He wrote a ridiculous book called something or other in which he expounds his asinine theories and/or rephrases inanities previously promulgated by equally absurd fellows. I will not mention him by name, nor his book, not out of fear of some sort of retaliation for pointing out who it is but because anonymity is the only state this organism should be granted.

The discussion taking place during Xarabank expectedly took a turn towards “freedom of expression”. I am no expert on the subject, and this is only my uninformed opinion.

Some people were saying that this racist should be free to air his views as long as there was someone else at hand to repudiate them. Others said that he should not be allowed on any sort of media at all.

“Freedom of expression” – the way I understand it – should only make sense in a well defined and rigid framework of rules. First and foremost there must be something somewhere that establishes what is right and what is wrong. Anything that is not explicitly wrong may be discussed before the public. (Only experts in their fields should be allowed to tackle “wrong ideas” and this behind closed doors. I don’t believe that the general public is well equipped to deal with certain issues)

It is of utmost importance to see who is saying what as well. I wouldn’t mind the local greengrocer spouting racist garbage while he weighs his oranges and apples but I would not really feel comfortable with a wannabe politician inciting – directly or not – racial hatred.

Any sort of freedom is a dangerous thing because people tend to get carried away with anything they do. You cannot deny any freedom to anybody, of course, but more emphasis must be made on the duties and responsibilities inherent in the exercise of any freedom.


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