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Post no. 41 (Divorce corollary?)

August 31, 2010

Mgr Anton Gouder said, a few days ago,  that voting in favour of divorce is a grave sin. Then all hell broke loose. The divorce debate is up and running again, with the us and them chasm dug deeper to boot.

Let me get one thing straight from the outset. I am a practising Catholic with strong anti-divorce views based solely on the premise that divorce is not what God intended, as stated over and over again in the Bible and as explained by the Catholic Church on authority granted to her by Jesus Christ himself.

I can’t get my head round the fact that people insist on flashing statistics from countries where divorce is allowed to support the idea that divorce is a harbinger of evil. There is only one objective argument against divorce, viz. God doesn’t want it. However, I would like to ask the anti-divorce statisticians one thing.

Is it possible that divorce is only a symptom of an underlying malaise?  The decline in values you mention – which nobody in his or her right mind can deny – is not caused by divorce. Rather, acceptance of divorce is the only possible response of eroded morals. I will present what many may regard as a tasteless analogy, but it’s the only one that springs to mind.

A person infected with the HIV succumbs to myriad “unusual” illnesses. Although none of the illnesses can be singled out as THE one that causes all the suffering that the infected person experiences, the HIV can be very easily identified as that weakening influence that has laid open the body to attacks from all sides.

In other words, our lack of moral fibre, manifest in not living the true Catholic faith – without any compromises – has weakened society to the point where “strange” ideas flourish because there is no will to resist them.

Just a thought.


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