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Post No. 44 (Front against Censorship)

November 15, 2010

I have just cut short my browsing  to post this.  Won’t be long I promise. This got my Capra hircus. The Front against Censorship (or Front kontra ċ-Ċensura) said that it was attacking an amendment to a law about pornography only to the point where children were not involved.  I know it’s not topical. I know that the article has been floating on the ether for yonks. But I only saw it now.

This is only my opinion, but can such an organization split hairs?

They want porn but they don’t want child porn. Why not? I think it’s a ridiculous stance. You either want it all or you want nothing. And why haven’t they mentioned bestiality? Or necrophilia? Or any of the other fetishes? It’s OK to have straight porn, gay porn, porn with animals, porn with dead people, porn with bells on. But not children. Apparently not all fetishes are equal. My guess is that after the way they staggered through the “Li tkisser sewwi” farce they want to tell the general public “Hey, we’re nice guys, you know. Look, we don’t like child porn.”

(I think that all porn is bad… you know, the usual line about people being objectified as instruments for sexual pleasure etc. Apparently Naomi Wolf doesn’t think that porn is all that, either – from a purely psychological point of view, mind you.)

Obviously, this FKĊ is little more than a bunch of people caught in a teenage mindset who think that it’s “Cool to watch porn. Spread the word, dude” … or something like that. On second thoughts, is it anything more than that? I bet that they’ve got all the rude words in their dictionaries highlighted, possibly with a sketch in the margin.

*Oh well*


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