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Post No. 57 (The Copulating Masturbator)

October 8, 2011 has been (is being?) made of a university student’s verbal pillorying of the Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications, The Hon. Austin Powers Gatt.

Apparently, the honourable minister went to university to faff on about some government initaitive or other (in itself a commendable thing, mind you) and this university student decided to call him a “fucking wanker” among other things. I don’t know how she got to know about the minister’s sexual proclivities, but that’s beside the point.

Theories attempting to explain her motivation are flying fast and thick in the ether. Obviously.

I couldn’t be bothered about those, either.

You don’t really go up to strangers and call them fucking wankers to their face, come on. This is not New York.

All this scene was about buses – the new Arriva buses. She said that she’s arriving late for lectures. (What lectures? It was only the second day of Freshers’ Week). Why is it the minister’s fault? I never knew he was coordinating bus routes. The Hon. Gatt is not my hero – far from it – but one has to give him his due. Conversely, if we’re going to apportion blame we have to blame him for things about which he can do something. Do we seriously expect him to barge into Bastow’s office and ask him to hand over the timetables?

Enough of that. Nicola’ Abela Garrett (is it a case of nominative determinism that her initials should read “nag”? doesn’t bode well for prospective suitors 🙂 ) comes across as one or all of the following:

a) ignorant

b) rude

c) fake

There got that off my chest too.


Credit where credit’s due

I got the Spongebob picture here

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