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Post No. 58 (The Church and Cruelty to Animals)

October 30, 2011

The Curia has issued a statement about the recent spate of sickening cases of cruelty to animals. You don’t have to be the brightest star in the firmament to see that the Curia condemned the actions.

(Animal cruelty is something else entirely and, frankly, I think it’s nonsense because animals don’t have moral codes against which their actions can be evaluated 😉 )

My first reaction was “About time, too” but not in the normal “one-week-late” sense. It’s much deeper. The Curia’s environmental commission keeps an exceptionally low profile,  I think. You’d think it was a codename for some covert operation. This simply won’t do for an institution (of which I am a proud member, mind you) that says that creation is a manifestation of God’s love for us. A manifestation which we hadn’t even asked for.

We believe that God created everything (let’s not go into the evolution wrangle here, OK? The Catholic Church accepts evolution as a hypothesis, so just drop it) and Homo sapiens sapiens – being the vessel of an immortal soul and fashioned in God’s image – was appointed Steward of Creation. This means that it is our duty to look after our world and learn about it to enable us to look after it better. (I’m writing this before interplanetary travel had become feasible 😉 )

Immediately 2 things jump out at you from all this:

a)      Why wasn’t  the Church the first green party ever?

Recommending that we take care of our planet is what green parties the world over do. One doesn’t have to go overboard, however. We must realise that the planet is here to serve us, not the other way round. We’d probably have heard less of ridiculous one child policies and over population myths. In Malta the Church was the last to jump on the green wagon and it was only a half-hearted leap, IMO… to think that the Greens were founded by an ex-Nazi *oh well*

b)      Science as we know it is essentially Catholic in character.

What is science? It is the practical action that comes out of wonderment and awe at all that surrounds us. What is Catholicism? It is the belief in the Holy Trinity, the part it has played in human history and the hope of eternal life after death on earth.

Wonderment at all that surrounds us is nothing but a complement to its creator. The least we can do is delve deeper into the workings of the universe – as grand or trite that may sound – to understand it better, to take better care of it and to utilise it to its full potential.

Perhaps if the Church could explain this in so many words and show that, although complimentary, science and religion operate on different planes, there wouldn’t be so many prejudiced people.

What do you think?


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