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Post No. 59 (Thoughts on a singularly ridiculous comment in another blog)

November 14, 2011

In various discussions and comments boards discussing the tragicomic adventures of Franco Debono, Cyrus Engerer has been mentioned a couple of times. I don’t know why, but probably it is because he was once a local councillor for the PN  who switched sides. Some people see patterns where there aren’t any. Either that or I don’t see patterns where there are. Whatever.

Veniamo al dunque.

Cyrus Engerer (CE) is gay. For some reason his ex-partner (or lover?) decided to call it a day.  Spurned and (obviously) angry CE sneaked into his ex lover’s house and stole some images of his ex lover in shall we say compromising positions. He then proceeded to forward (by email) said stolen pictures to various people, including but not limited to, ex-lover’s boss and colleagues.

What does this have to do with anything?

Now that you ask …

It was during an insightful *ahem* discussion about Franco Debono that the topic cropped up. CE’s action was called homophobic. This is why I felt the need to specify that CE is gay at the very beginning. In case you missed it the first time round, it has been said that a particular action of an openly gay and apparently active member of the Malta Gay Rights Movement is homophobic.

The “homophobic” label jars. We’ve (probably) all heard of the case of that man in Iklin (I think it was) who stuck racy pics of the him and some woman doing the dirty – to get even for some reason –  to the Church notice board. We “had a laugh” and that was the end of it. Had CE not been gay and had he done the same thing to a female ex-lover, we would probably be saying “What a vengeful little so-and-so he is” and leave it at that.  Nobody would have called him “heterophobic” or “misogynist” or whatever. I think that it hadn’t crossed the mind of whoever called CE homophobic came across as being “homophobic” him/herself.


The person saying that the act was homophobic obviously thought it shameful because the photos depicted something having to do with homosexual sex. I don’t know the details because I wasn’t on the forwarding list 😉

The homophobic comment really got my smarter-than-thou juices flowing. From a tactical standpoint, it wouldn’t pay a  gay person to launch a “homophobic” attack. Not even on his ex.

Of course, it’s also possible that CE thought that in exposing his ex-lover he would be severely harming his ex’s career prospects. And shame him. And make him “famous” for the wrong reason. Which means that it could really have been a “homophobic attack”. In which case it begs the question: Why would a gay person believe that a homophobic attack on another gay person is universally seen as most damaging? (Obviously a gay person would know that a homophobic attack causes great distress to the person being attacked, because s/he’d probably been  on the receiving end of it too)

I think that the homophobic theory is rubbish. But for completeness’ sake,  I think it’s appropriate to bring to the fore a maxim attributed to Sun Tzu, who wrote (brushed?)  The Art of War. To know what frightens your enemy, observe that with which he tries to frighten you.

Gripe over.


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