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Post No. 61 (Of teen parties and sex education Part II)

November 24, 2011

Almost everything we do has to be seen in the context of “money”. When we speak of “money” we imagine a separate entity that sort of lives of its own accord, independently of everything we do. It grows and shrinks, sometimes you get a strong currency that weakens etc. A very real individual.

On a different level, sex has also achieved “individual” status. Where money, or the economy, has become the framework of our “public” lives, sex is the  backdrop of our private, or “inner” lives. When I say “sex” I mean sexual activity and thoughts, not maleness and femaleness. Humans are animals that reproduce sexually, i.e. sex is a sine qua non for the initiation and continuation of human life on this planet. Which is why it is exceedingly pleasurable; the idea behind making sex fun is that you’d want to have more and more of it with the obvious outcome that you’ll have more and more children thus ensuring continuation of the species. Nothing revolutionary so far. All activities that are necessary for our survival as individuals are pleasurable or bring about a profound sense of relief. By extrapolation, any activity that enhances the survival of the species is pleasurable for the individuals, to aid propagation and ensure continuation.

Now comes the jaw-dropping, insightful and beautifully excogitated bit 😉

The inherent and necessary pleasure that is part of sex has become its raison d’etre. The thing that encourages – perhaps even rewards – sex has become the goal of sex. Many may say that it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other, but I beg to differ. It’s a bit like buying a car because it has beautiful upholstery. The upholstery may very well be an enticement to choose that particular car, but nobody would buy a car just for the seats. This is obviously an aberration.

Sex has a purpose and a consequence – which is its purpose. What we’re seeing is the replacement of this purpose. Sex is being had by many just for fun, without a basic understanding of what it’s all about (let’s keep the bonobos out of this, shall we?). We’ve even reached a point where precautions are taken to defy the actual purpose; procreation is perceived as an undesirable consequence of sex – an occupational hazard, if you will.

(I am not saying that people should have sex only for procreative purposes, but, given the objective of sex, it is not an activity that can – or should – be considered as a viable alternative to an afternoon playing with the PS3. In this day and age – especially in this day and age –  where family breakdowns and “alternate” families are no longer newsworthy, sex should be the preserve of married heterosexual people in a stable relationship.)

Our “fun” attitude towards sex will rub off on our children. Which is why we get these teenyboppers gyrating their nonexistent hips and showing us what good child bearers they can be. A person who does not have paedophiliac tendencies will find it all very “confusing” on a biological level and thoroughly inappropriate on a rational level.

Toodle-oo (for now; one more to go)

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