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Post No.63 (Atheist Christmas Display…erm …)

December 7, 2011

Someone planted an atheist Christmas display – get it? Atheist Christmas – on the Loudoun County courthouse lawn, in Leesburg, Virginia, USA. (Where else could something so stupid happen?)

This Christmas display consists of a skeleton dressed up as Santa Claus nailed to a cross. You can see it and read about it here. I think it’s Satanic rather than atheist, but never mind.

It shows that such people haven’t the foggiest what Christmas really is. It doesn’t even make sense to say atheist Christmas, let alone “celebrate” it.

Such displays fill me with sadness. It’s not because the thing is offensive. Frankly, I don’t think it is. It’s the fundamental and thorough misunderstanding of why Christmas is important. I doubt such people even understand the value and meaning of life.

Toodle-oo (half-hearted)


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One Comment
  1. Sickening indeed. It seems anti-Christian hatred can warp minds to the point of utter illogicality.

    On a very different, yet still Christmas-related note:

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