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Post no. 67 (Things I didn’t like about A Clockwork Orange)

December 30, 2011

I’ve had a copy of  A Clockwork Orange lying around for ages. I had seen it touted as a must read for every generation. I thought I’d carry the torch for my generation, so I plunged in.

Anthony Burgess had expressed sorrow that, like DH Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s lovers, his “worst” effort – “a jeu d’esprit knocked off in three weeks for money” – became his best known work and the work for which he became best known.

It’s set in the not too distant future as it was imagined in the 50s, when the cold war was still “rampant”. Following is a list of things I didn’t like in the book  (in no particular order)

The (IMO) extremely contrived way they govoreet 😉

They still use a typewriter some time in the future

They’re still burgling and looting non electronic stuff

They don’t use guns

The drugs they use – drunk in milk at milk bars – don’t seem particularly addictive

Gang warfare reads a bit like 70s B movie scripts – even Necromunda is more futuristic

15 year old Alex is taken to an adult jail – and he’s got to share a cell with older men

the cold war is assumed to still be going on

listens to music on discs (haha  :D)

Father Christmas, obligingly, brought me the film (on DVD, in case you were wondering).

I can’t for the life of me begin to imagine what the fuss was all about when the film was released. We would have been better off had they  released it into the wild ;).  Had I watched the film before I read the book I wouldn’t have bothered.



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