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Post no. 68 (Not all Catholics are sex-mad, you know)

December 31, 2011

I don’t know whether this is photoshopped or not. It doesn’t look suspicious to me – which is why I decided to comment about it.

Whose idea was it?

Now I’m not saying that it is categorically false, but you know … it’s not 100% true, either. The Catechism itself mentions a few mitigating circumstances, so there you go.

My gripe isn’t with the veracity of the statement. It’s the statement per se. I mean, is it really possible that these people think that the absolute worst sin one can commit is masturbation? And while we’re at it, did they really have to present sins as a sort of Soup of the Day?

And there’s another thing. Catholicism is concerned with love. Love for God first and foremost, love for oneself and love for one’s neighbour. Couldn’t they think of something that should be done rather than something that shouldn’t? I don’t know … they could have written something like “Have you told your wife that you loved her today?” or “Did you really have your colleagues’ best interest at heart today?” I’m not good at slogans, but you get my drift.

It’s already bad that most people think that Catholicism is the Mafia in frocks… then something like this comes along. No wonder our rep is bad and worsening 😦


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  1. >> Couldn’t they think of something that should be done rather than something that shouldn’t?

    I think religion drives people in two distinct ways: (1) prescription (to go to heaven), and (2) proscription (for avoiding hell). And usually it’s the second driver that enjoys more popularity in religions. Just look at the ten commandments for instance – how many of those begin with “Thou shalt not”?

    PS: Personally, I believe that incentive-based system is more efficient than deterrence-based system. But that’s just me!

    • I can only offer an opinion from a Catholic perspective. Catholicism – and I would imagine all of Christianity – is based on Christ’s commands viz “Love each other as I have loved you” and “Love your neighbour as yourself” In themselves both “to do” things.

      Catholicism is geared towards wanting to be in God’s presence (going to heaven is one way of putting it). Everything else is a distraction – including Hell which, while very real, is not a consideration other than knowing that it is simply an eternal longing for God which tragically cannot be satisfied at that point.

      The ten commandments, while obviously valid, should be taken in context i.e. God was still “working” on his plan to send his son to save mankind from sin. The time was not yet ripe to explain fully how he was going about it. Imagine trying to explain the periodic table to a class in elementary school. You’ve got to build up gradually. Same with the old and new testaments.

      P.S. i followed your suggestion about Sam Kean’s “The Disappearing spoon” …. so far, so good, I’m pleased to let you know 😉

  2. yeah, the ten commandments are kind of ‘old school’ really 🙂 i had a thought about them a few weeks ago (i’ve probably assimilated this thought from many and various speakers …) which is that the ten commandments became ten promises of the kind of life you could expect once the holy spirit was ‘released’ and started living in fellowship with your own spirit. so ‘thou shalt not kill’ became a promise of not even being so angry that you’d want to kill (sermon on the mount expanded the commandments) and not a promise that your works would do this as that would still be a ‘commandment’ but rather a promise of how you would naturally, comparatively easily, and jofully begin top start viewing the world if you just asked the holy spirit to help and do the real work consistently.

    As for the sign, it’s just stupid … Really really stupid, but probably very well intentioned. ‘Don’t do this even though you really really want to and not doing it means missing out’ is a very different message than ‘ask the holy spirit and you’ll not even find it difficult not to do this and you’ll naturally and easily want other things and meet the right person because God’s awesome, invented girls, invented guys, invented sex and cares incredibly about who you meet and that you’re as happy as it’s possible to be if you’ll just let him help’. 🙂 they’re really different messages.

    Can i add a link to a site i’m helping with? Malta 🙂

    Good blog sir!

    • … um not really sure how to square your points with the scope of the post, but never mind … variety is the spice of life.

      On the plus side, I am pleased to let you know that I’ve added your site to my blogroll.

      Cheers 🙂

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