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Post No. 72 (A queer incident on the buses ;) )

February 7, 2012

Arriva probably couldn’t keep out of the headlines if its life depended on it. Since launching its bus service in Malta  in July 2011 it has been beleaguered with problems. Its main “sponsors” the Hon. Austin Gatt (and sidekick for the project Manuel Delia) were probably its own worst “enemies” as the  invective and abuse Arriva received was directed towards these two gentlemen, in spirit. Insolence by proxy sort of thing.

Events have taken an interesting turn. The Times of Malta yesterday (06 Feb 2012) reported that an off-duty driver/despatcher came to blows with a female passenger. It has been labelled a ‘homophobic attack’. The video clip doiong the rounds is not clear and one can’t even begin to understand what’s going on. This means that the ‘homosexual’ element has either been passed on by eyewitnesses or … um … ho-hum

(Let’s say that there was no creative reporting and that the incident was the result of a homophobic attack. Why can’t we let gay people be? Gay people are first and foremost people. They should be accorded the respect and dignity one would bestow upon a heterosexual person. This is not to say that I approve of their sexual activity – if and when they engage in any, i.e.)

All this is beside the point, however.

The Times also reported that the perpetrator of this crime was sacked. He was sacked. There you have it. The beauty of privatisation. Would any one of you have imagined that a bus driver/despatcher could ever be sacked under the previous arrangement? For whatever crime or misdemeanour? Puts this in perspective. This too.

Hats off to Arriva for finally giving our public transport system some semblance of corporate efficiency.


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