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Post No. 74 (Playground for dogs … Promise)

February 15, 2012

The Times (online version) reported that someone was setting up a playground for dogs. They made me look at the calendar to make sure it’s not April yet. They’ve even given us an “artist’s impression” of what it will look like, which I’m reproducing without permission here:

Government employees are going to build the *ahem* equipment. Pity the dockyard isn’t a government entity anymore…

Besides the fact that this whole thing is a crock of the same stuff you should be picking after your dog, I’d say that whoever thought it up doesn’t know the first thing about dogs. It looks like an “obedience” course – for which read torture chamber – for dogs. I mean a merry go-round for dogs, or a see-saw, what could make a dog’s tail wag faster?

Things I’m sure that will be happening at this playground are an unprecedented number of dog-fights and unplanned puppies. Come to think of it it’s going to be a bit like Paceville, isn’t it?


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