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Post No. 79 (So happy together *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*)

March 4, 2012

The week’s most important news item is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando has said that it’s about time that gay couples should be allowed to marry in Malta. Not that Pullicino Orlando is some sort of institution, but my bet is that from now to the next general election there’s ample time for him to present a private member’s bill about it – like he did with divorce.

I think that he is being thoroughly consistent in his methodical destruction of marriage and the family, and there’s nothing left to stop him. He’s already given us divorce – practically singlehandedly. We’ve ditched the only argument against that – the moral argument – on the 28th May 2011. We can’t quite say now that marriage *ahem* between homosexual persons is immoral, can we?

Meanwhile, in Great Britain

You may be interested in reading Cardinal O’Brien’s piece in the Telegraph, too.


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  1. Interesting. I didn’t know that divorce was illegal in Malta until 2011.

    • It’s not that divorce was illegal; you just couldn’t get it here. If you filed for divorce in another country, the divorce would be recognised here.

      Anyway, it was more a case of giving the finger to the church (Catholic). People have been leaving each other and setting up home with somebody else as long as I can remember. If pressed, I don’t think that most of these people would remarry.

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