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Post No. 90 (Dirt Music)

May 5, 2012

By Tim Winton. Finished a couple of days ago. They’re going to make a film out of it, apparently. That’s how photogenic it is.

I think the book is noteworthy because of the feelings of despair Luther Fox’s foray into the outback evoked in me. Here we have a bookworm of sorts who, for reasons into which I won’t go, wants to leave everyone and everything behind. So he goes in a forest-like arrangement of flora and fauna :). Without a book.

(This Luther Fox, in my understanding of the story, is only a foil for the book’s main star – one Georgie Jutland. She is your run of the mill confused 40 year old with more hormone turbulence than sense. Nothing memorable.)

Why Fox should have reacted the way he did to the set of circumstances he encountered beggars belief, in my Humble opinion. But the feeling of dread, desolation despondency and despair Winton manages to call forth are second to none.

It has all the ingredients to make me cry

a) car travel

b) carrying everything you own in a backpack

c) hitching rides

d) getting lumped with strangers in a confined space with no means of escape

e) camping (i.e. no privacy, no rooms, no safety, no running water, no cooker, no television)

f) the great outdoors (*shudder*)

g) realizing you don’t have a tool necessary for the activity you intend to carry out

h) no books

i) it all happens in Australia

And to think that this book came with a warm recommendation from one of those magazines aimed at people who like books. I can’t fault Winton, mind you. He writes well. The fact that I stuck with him to the end attests to that. It’s just that I think that Fox’s adventure is the pits.


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