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Post No. 94 (Behind the system)

August 6, 2012

A few years ago we were setting up a new ERP at work and, as you may or may not know, such projects are fraught with peril and dangers lurk behind every corner *ahem*.

The team sent by the mother company, to direct operations, had the hell of a time fixing all sorts of  problems. They were always “going behind the system to fix that.”

I’m not exactly sure what “Going behind the system” means, but it always seemed to involve locking everybody out of the system and tweaking around a few parameters such that the observed anomaly or undesired result went away. When the system was unlocked again, nobody could see any difference other than the “repair” – if that.

OK. So what was all this in aid of?

Recently I was going through a piece discussing whether or not God – being outside space and time – acts in space and time. Let’s not forget that both space and time had a beginning – i.e. they are part of creation.

I always subscribed to the – possibly heretic – view that God created the fundamental laws of nature and that’s that. A bit like plopping the ingredients in a cake tin and chucking everything in the oven. Then you eat whatever comes out.

But this didn’t square with observable fact on several counts, the most famous ones being:

a) the Immaculate Conception

b) the conception of Jesus Christ

c) the miracles performed (?) by Christ

d) the miracles performed through the intercession of saints during the canonisation process

c) and d), especially, really jar when one considers the existence of the butterfly effect – if it is real and if it happens on a scale that an be felt in everyday life. I see no reason why it can’t, but then again I’m no physicist.

These strands of info were one day travelling along the 3 neurons that make up my brain and must have got entangled somehow. And that’s how I formulated my revised opinion of God’s interaction with this world.

He goes behind the system. (Note to self: Congratulations on seamless inclusion of title in post are in order)

He wrote the software, so he knows what to tweak, how to tweak it and when.

Despite all our brave new claims that there is nowhere left for God to hide in this universe, I still think that we will never unlock the “why” creation exists – the “how” we will get to, no problem. But the “why” will remain elusive. And therein lies the key.

Some time, when we will understand the “how” in the light of the “why” we will be able to see how God acts in creation and interacts with his creatures.

Until then we’ve got to content ourselves with calling things “miracles” and “science”


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