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Post No. 97 (Don’t try to negotiate with the ferry man, Dom)

August 22, 2012

I’ve left this late on purpose. I’ve been reading some stuff people said about Mintoff after his death. I’ve been trying to see what sort of feeling wells up in this puny chest of mine.

This man:

sic transit gloria mundi










a) trampled a nation’s fundamental human rights.

b)  denied freedom of expression to anyone who disagreed with him.

c)  institutionalised corruption.

d) indirectly instigated his rabble of supporters to violence and anarchy.

All of this for a piffling welfare state and welfare state mentality.

People are now eulogising him all over the ether.

He’s put Malta on the map, they said. Yes. For all the wrong reasons. People wanted to know where Malta is to avoid it like the plague.

He was a great negotiator. Yes. With Gaddafi, God rest his soul, pulling his strings.

He overflowed Malta’s coffers. Yes. Like a mother who doesn’t feed her children so she can say she’s got money in the bank.

Despite all this I don’t feel anger for the man. We’ve been having it good for the last 25 years or so. He’s just a distant memory.

Rest in peace, Dom Mintoff. May God grant you the peace you denied a whole nation during your reign of terror.

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