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Post No. 98 (Evolution according to Polkinghorne)

August 24, 2012

Reading Faith, Science and Understanding by John Polkinghorne.

Came across this gem:

The whole evolutionary process itself can be understood theologically as the Creator’s gift to creation of a due independence, so that it is allowed to explore and realise in its own way the fertility with which it has been endowed.

I found this interesting on two levels.

a) it rubbishes the popular notion that evolution does away with the need for God. God obviously wrote the rules for nature and this is a possible outcome of the application of those rules.

b) it places “freedom” at a very fundamental level. Nature is free to explore itself even at molecular level – it is allowed to see what works and what doesn’t in a particular set of environmental circumstances. Life as we see it here, today, was probably not the only solution to a “situation complex”; it’s just one of I don’t know how many. This freedom keeps increasing in direct proportion to the degree of self-awareness possessed by the organism – or so I’d like to think 😉


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