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May 9, 2013

I am subscribed to a Catholic news portal called New Advent. The website is, but I can’t remember where I’ve clicked to subscribe, still you can do worse than click around and discover the little treasures hidden all over the place. I find the Catholic Encyclopaedia particularly edifying 🙂 .

Anyway, through their newsletter I get to read the pope’s Wednesday audience quite a bit. I don’t know exactly what a ‘Wednesday audience’ is, I must admit, but it makes for interesting reading most of the time – especially with Pope Francis delivering it. I have been struck with the frequency he seems to talk about eschatological issues (then again, perhaps I read the text because it discusses echatology, so I’m under the impression that he gives the topic special treatment when in fact he doesn’t).

Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell (Novissimi in Maltese; I don’t know the English term) happen to feature prominently in St Gorg Preca’s booklet Is-sena tas-Sinjur. (SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT: I translate – try to translate, rather – the thought for the day here)

San Gorg Preca’s thoughts are very hard-hitting, and to be honest, can be quite “disturbing” at times. They drag you screaming and kicking out of your comfort zone. Same thing with some of the Pope’s Wednesday audiences ; this is from the 24th April 2013), e.g.

Human history begins with the creation of man and woman in the image and likeness of God and ends with the final judgment of Christ. Often these two poles of history are forgotten, and, above all, faith in the return of Christ and the last judgment sometimes is not so clear and steadfast in the hearts of Christians. Jesus, during his public life, often focused on the reality of his last coming.

I mean, really … how often do we think of that? We are products of the Life-is-now brigade, our life is a blur of smiles, happiness, perfect bodies and perennial beauty. No yesterday, no tomorrow.

See what I mean? We don’t even have time to think about what really matters.

I don’t quite agree with most people who say that Pope Francis is your nice, avuncular pope. I think he’s a thorn in our flabby, toneless sides. The pea underneath the princess’s mattress, looking to make us uncomfortable to wake us from our slumber.




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