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Post no. 118 (These intolerant Christians …)

July 20, 2013

Last father’s day my sons (2 and 5) gave me 2 books, both by Joseph Ratzinger one of which he wrote while he was pope – the first book of his Jesus of Nazareth trilogy. The other is the first part in a series about great Christian thinkers – the Fathers of the Church. Precocious, my kids, aren’t they? Though I suspect the wife had a hand in all this.

Anyway …

I was talking about these books to this guy. He looks up (he was sitting down, you know) and goes “Listen, I don’t mind you reading this sort of book as long as you don’t go all happy clappy on me and join a prayer group.”

Now the thing that attracts me to Catholicism (on an intellectual level) is the unassailable logic employed to extrapolate and infer from Scripture and Tradition. One cannot help the jaw dropping even upon a half-hearted skim through the Catechism, for instance. I explained as much to him. The hand shot up again.

“You’ll be telling me how much you enjoy your prayer groups next.”

I gave up. Again. It’s not so the invulnerability *ahem* of the remark that makes me pack it in. I see the futility of the endeavour. A man with a purportedly scientific outlook to life could do better than dismiss another means of gleaning knowledge just because said knowledge is not hard science. Admittedly I am no Cicero, but still …

Such episodes make me wonder why people just build an impenetrable bastion around themselves when they hear the words “Catholic Church”



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