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Post no. 120

September 21, 2013

Media coverage of this papacy is beginning to grate. Seriously. Pope Francis I has been transmogrified into a pop(e)star. He is the only hope of a decrepit and decadent Catholic Church. I bet it won’t be long before people start calling him Frankie…

Don’t judge homosexual people, he said. You can still go to Heaven if you’re an atheist. He phoned an unmarried mother-to-be, offering to baptise her child when the time comes, and so on.

In a previous post I had remarked on how frequently Pope Francis referred (up till then, at least) to the Novissimi – i.e. Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell. He calls the devil the Prince of the World. You don’t get much of this sort of thing reported in mainstream media.

The Pope appears to want to reach out to society’s outcasts even – much like Jesus did, after all. But we must bear in mind that when Jesus saved the adulteress from stoning, for example,  and forgave her her sins, he told her to not sin any more.

Although Pope Francis tells us to not judge homosexual people, I have never heard him tell them “Well done, please carry on, you’re doing the right thing.”

When he says that atheists can go to Heaven – obviously – he doesn’t mean that unconverted atheists can go to Heaven.  Especially when by “atheist” we mean a person who deliberately rejects God. Why would such a person want to go to heaven, anyway? There’s no such thing as Heaven for atheists, I thought.

He expressed his solidarity with that young woman not because she is going to have a child out of wedlock but because rather than picking the easy way and aborting the pregnancy, she chose to bring the child into the world  – which means giving it a fighting chance of going to Heaven – and presumably bring it up to the best of her abilities.

I don’t like this deliberate (?) misrepresentation of what Pope Francis says and does. It may even be a concerted attempt to make him appear spineless, for all I know.

Please read this (longish) interview to get a glimpse of the man and the pope. And please allow me, by way of corroboration to my remarks above, to ruin the introduction for you. When Fr Spadaro SJ (yay!) asked the pope who he is as a person, the pope replied “A sinner.”

I was relieved to learn that our Church is led by a man who still thinks that sin is objective and real. Thank heavens for little mercies …



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