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Post no. 122

January 30, 2014

Only recently I came across a new (new as in I had never heard it before) reason, from certain religious quarters, for opposing evolution. Evolution, they said, does away with the need for God because it hinges on “random mutations” – which obviously means that God has no say and therefore this view is unacceptable.

Do these people even know what God they adore?

The basis of science is its testability and repeatability (which necessarily means consistency of the “natural laws”) across observable time and space. If I drop a glass today it will break, if you drop a glass cup tomorrow it will break and if someone drops a glass in a hundred years it will break too. (That is what I mean by testability, repeatability and consistency of the “natural laws”)

The question begs to be asked. “Who has written these laws?”

Even more relevant “Who keeps these laws constant?”

And finally “Why should these universally applicable laws be intelligible to insignificant organisms on an insignificant planet orbiting an unremarkable star in an unremarkable galaxy?”

God obviously did not just create everything and left it at that. On a physical level, He is that which maintains creation. Whatever happens, however random, can only happen because there are “laws” controlling the apparent randomness. Rates of reaction, behaviour of subatomic particles, population dynamics, energy – you name it – all follow strict possibly multilayered laws which have remained unchanged from the instant of creation. (How could we tell otherwise, that the universe is approx 15bn years old if today we can read and understand  physical processes that happened then?)

God is not something like us on an unimaginably huge scale. Had that been the case we will find Him lurking somewhere in the Universe. He is that which upholds this Universe and/or any other universes that exist and may or may not be yet discovered.

Incidentally, Russell’s quip about the teapot, the spaghetti monster etc show that the atheists themselves don’t know what sort of God they’re rejecting.

So please let’s stop with this “evolution = no God” nonsense. Its corollary too.

There. Got that off my chest too.


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