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April 16, 2014

14th April 2014 has to be one of the blackest days in our country’s history. Among other tasteless bits of legislation, it has become possible for homosexual couples to adopt children.

Allow me to be as politically incorrect as necessary here. Let’s clear one thing up front. I will be discussing homosexual acts NOT persons.

The raison d’être of a homosexual union is the antithesis of love. The sexual dimension of such a union is necessarily and inherently flawed because it turns the biological (and subsequently teleological) purpose of sex on its head.

In such a union sex becomes an end in itself rather than a means to an end. The main purpose of sex becomes the gratification, which is actually the reward that encourages organisms to repeat the behaviour to increase the chances of begetting offspring. No amount of (homo)sexual activity will result in pregnancy.

The basis of such a union is therefore flawed and “unevolutionary”. An objectively disordered act will become a scandal when it is promoted – worse still when children are allowed to be members in a household based on such a union. The greatest and most glaringly obvious effect on these children will be their outlook on sex. A person is an incident on my way to my sexual gratification.

Although I have no stats at hand, I am sure that their gender identification will not be too good either.

I know that many people will say that it’s better for a child to grow in a homosexual household that smothers it in “love” than in a heterosexual household where the parents are at each others’ throats night and day.

a)      Define “love” and its long term effect on the child’s physical and spiritual well-being.

b)      Present evidence that domestic violence of any sort is unheard of in homosexual households.

It’s not enough that we destroyed marriage, we had to go and make a mockery of it too.


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